Fuel Savings

FREE! - Upgrade

Furnace Recovery Energy Efficiency

FREE! is a tool developed to quickly identify the low hanging fruits assisting end-users to increase the efficiency on their heaters, ovens or boilers in order to decrease their carbon footprint.

Stack Temperature versus Payback Period

By simply entering little information, the tool helps the client to identify the optimum on heat recovery using Ecoonex proprietary equipment and provides the payback period to install this equipment along will all other parts, such as fans, ducting, structures, instruments and installation of the complete APH system addition.

For more precise estimations and evaluation a thorough study must be made. Please contact Ecoonex to assist on this.

ADP Acid Dew Point

Acid Dew Point Calculator

The Acid Dew Point Calculator is a tool to calculate  different type of dew points, such as the Sulphuric Acid Dew Point H2SO4, but also the Nitric Acid Dew Point HNO3, Hydrochloric HCl, Hydrofluoric HF, Hydrobomic HBr and Sulfurous Acid Dew point H2SO3. 

Conversion / Corrosion Rates

The conversion of SO2 and SO3 are calculated and the approximate corrosion rates of mild carbon steel can be estimated, to guide the user in deciding if special protective materials are required in their application.

The results can be compared with the API560 curves and printed.

Unit Conversion


Conversion can be used to convert most of the units used in Heat Transfer to preferred units

Quantity Name

Choose between different quantities and convert in the selected such as Length, Flow, Pressures, etc.

Fuel Combustion


Combustion is tool to combust gaseous fuels and retrieve the resulting flue gas with properties


Combustion can be used to combust gaseous fuels , obatining the Fuel Lower Heating Value (LHV) of the fuel., flue gas and combustion air flow rates and compositions of both air and flue gas. 


With Properties the user can obtain the thermal of both air and flue gas compostion in SI and Imperial units.

Heat Balance

A Heat Balance can be performed to find the inlet or outlet temperature of the fluids with  given inlet temperatures and flowrates.