Heat Transfer Solutions for Deep Cooling of Waste Streams

At Ecoonex we focus on serving our clients with equipment to recover heat as much as possible in order to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint, save fuel and reduce emissions.

Heat Recovery

Complete Solutions

Single Source Supplier

High Efficiency, fully integrated modular units

Let us take care of your complete heat recovery section, over a temperature range from 600°C (higher is possible) cooling down to 80°C.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hot Stainless Steel APH
  • Economizer/Boiler
  • DeNOx
  • Corten-A / C.S. Steel APH
  • Support Beam to enable replaceable cold end and support complete unit with ducting
  • Coated or Polymore Heat Exchanger to operate below the dew points


Our heat exchangers are suitable for several industries such as Petrochemical, Power, Steel, Pulp & Paper, Biomass, Sludge, incinerators etc.




Fields of Expertise

With more than 25 years experience Ecoonex is a key player in the search for high heat recovery below the dew points.

In the search for high efficiency and low carbon footprint, it is essential to recover as much as possible heat from waste streams and use this heat to preheat air, dry sludge or pulp, preheat water, create LP steam or even electricity.

Ecoonex has the solutions to make this happen.

  • Large Volumes of Flows

  • Heat Recovery below the Acid Dew Point (ADP)

  • Flue gas cooling below the Water Dew Point (WDP)

  • Complete Hybrid Solutions

  • In-house Research & Development

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